Engravings of Ancient Sculpture
Jan de Bisschop (1628-1671) Dutch

These engravings were published in 1671 as a compendium of Bisshop's classical engravings entitled Paradigmata graphices variorum artificum Voor-beelden der teken-konst van verscheyde Meesters.   Bisschop had a law practice in the Hague where he also founded an art school and a publishing house. His influential circle of friends included the mathematician and philosopher Rene Descartes and the artist Constantijn Huygens. The engravings of the Paradigmata, like those of Francois Perrier, helped disseminate the classical ideal throughout Europe. They were used as paradigms for artists of the period and well beyond.

The following are all original engravings and bear the monogram "JE" , which denotes "Jan Episcopius, "Epicopius" being the Latinzation of his name which is “Bishop” in English.

(F.=Fecit=Latin "He made (it)")

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The sheet size of these engravings is 7 x 12 inches.
The platemark size varies.
Please look at the full sheet by clicking on the images below.

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Bisschop #26
Togate Torso

Bisschop #27
Togate Torso


Bisschop #36
Seven Female Statues


Bisschop #25
Two Torsos


Bisschop #29
Standing Female Figures

Bisschop #28
Standing Female

Bisschop #45
Standing Female

Bisschop #41


Bisschop #32
Three Seated Young Men


Bisschop #38
Four Young Men