Aquatints around Rome
James Merigot, French (active 1772-1816)

The aquatints offered here are from the 1798 edition of "A SELECT COLLECTION OF VIEWS AND RUINS IN ROME AND ITS VICINITY ;- EXECUTED FROM DRAWINGS MADE UPON THE SPOT IN THE YEAR 1791". The aquatint became popular in France and England during the late 18th and early 19th century and reflects, with their rich tonal quality, that era's fascination with watercolor drawings.

Merigot was a landscape artist and master drawing teacher in Paris in 1772, when he instructed the accomplished artist Augustus Charles Pugin, and later his son Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin, the designer of British Houses of Parliament. Merigot moved to London sometime after 1791 and established himself there as a drawing master and publisher of aquatint etchings that appeared in numerous British publications. His 1816 publication of The Amateur's Portfolio, or the New Drawing Magazine became an inspiration for a new generation of British and Continental artists.

The following have a sheet size of about 12 x 9-1/4 in. with an image area of 9 x 6 in. in a platemark of 11 x 8 in.

$45.00 each
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Merigot #3
The Ruins of Caesar's Palace

Merigot #4
Stables of Meccena's Villa

Merigot #5
Trophy of Marius

Merigot #6
Bridge of Varus


Merigot #7
Grotto of the Sirens

Merigot #9
Temple of Hope

Merigot #10
Ponte Lucano


Merigot #12
Grotto of Neptune

Merigot #1
The Cascatelle and Stables of Meccenas

Merigot #2
Temple of Minerva Medica


Merigot #8
The Great Cascatella of Tivili

Merigot #11
Tower of Pignattara