Head, Barclay Vincent Historia Numorum: A Manual of Greek Numismatics, new and enlarged edition
1911, Oxford, Clarendon Press (9 7/8 X 7 in.)
Binding and text are in excellent condition. No markings

A monumental work that continues to be useful. For a biography of B.V.Head see http://www.snible.org/coins/hn/bvhead.html


Carter, Howard and A.C. Mace The Tomb of Tutankhamen. Discovered By the Late Earl of Carnarvon and Howard Carter
1923, New York, George H. Doran (8 1/8 X 5 3/4 in.)

The 'final report' of this most famous archaeological find. Photographs by Harry Burton of the Metropolitan Museum of Art represented in 104 illustrations which include 89 full page plates. Some of these photos have only been published in this volume. The Met and Carnavan were the major financial backers of this endevaour.
Very Fine condition, photos and text very clean. Binding tight



Jongkees, Jan Hendrik The Kimonian dekadrachms. A contribution to Sicilian numismatics.
1969, Chicago, Argonaut (12 x 9 in.)

Syracusan Dekadrachms by the celator Kimon.
151 pg. + 2 plates Reprint of the 1941 Utrecht edition
Like new condition


Gilbert Kenneth Jenkins The coinage of Gela
1970(first edition), Berlin, Walter De Gruyter & Co.(8 1/4 X 10 7/8 in.)

This is the 2 volume 1st edition of the definitive study of the ancient coins of Gela, Sicily. The 2nd volume consists of a boxed set of 56 plates of coins, not present in the 1 vol. print-on-demand edition. The 1st edition had a very limited printing and is now very hard to obtain. Mint condition


Bell, Malcolm, Morgantina Studies Vol.II: The Coins
1981, NJ, Princeton University Press (9 X 11 1/4 in.)

Report of the excavation by Princeton University, the University of Illinois, and the University of Virginia. Essential for the study of the coins of this Sicilian city. 49 full-page plates; Like new condition


Classical Numismatic Review [34 issues]
1990-2002, Lancaster,PA, Classical Numismatic Group

A 12-year run of this numismatic journal/catalog from CNG

1990 Vol.15, No.2,3,4
1991 Vol.16, No.1,2,3,4 (complete)
1992 Vol.17, No.1,2,3,4 (complete)
1993 Vol.18, No.1,2,3,4 (complete)
1994, Vol.19, No.1,2,3,4 (complete)
1995, Vol.20,No.1,2,supp.2,3 (complete)
1996 Vol.21, No.1,2 (complete)
1997 Vol.22, No.1,2,3 (complete)
1998, Vol.23, No.1,2 (complete)
1999, Vol.24 one issue (complete)
2001 Vol.26, No.1,2 (complete)
2002 Vol. 27 one issue (complete)


Giudice, Filippo La collezione archeologica del Banco di Sicilia
1992, Palermo, Edizioni Guida (9 1/2 X 13 1/4 in.)

A massive and lavish record of the primarily Greek vases held by the Bank of Sicily. The 1st volume fully catalogs the holdings and is illustrated with B/W photos. The 2nd volume explicates the collection (in Italian) in the context of the history and archaeology of ancient Sicily and illustrates the collection with 19 4-fold color illustrations as well as in text color photos and maps. Mint condition


Ten Italo Vecchi Auction Catalogs - Auctions 1-10
1996-1998, London, Italo Vecchi, Ltd.

The first ten auction catalogs issued. Large format, high-quality catalogs, averaging more than 100 pg. each with color and B/W plates


Zwalf, Wladimir Catalogue of the Gandhara Sculpture in the British Museum 2vol.boxed
1996, London, British Museum Press (9 X 11 in.)

This catalog is the first publication by a museum of so large a body of the material that encompasses cult images, reliefs and reliquaries. After a substantial introduction, 680 objects, all illustrated, are individually described, where possible with comparisons and literary references. The book also contains an exhaustive bibliography, as well as concordances and indexes. Vol. I has 20 B/W illustrations, 16 color plates and 1 map. Vol. II has over 700 B/W illustrations.
Mint condition