Signed Die of Parmeides


c. 405BC
AR Tetradrachm

OBV: Quadriga rearing to left, Nike above, wheat stalk in exergue
REV: Arethusa facing left 3 dolphins around, SURAKOSIWN above,
top of letters (PARME) below bust, the signature of Parmeides

Tudeer 77

VF+, some porosity but with a 'Hoard Patina' (never cleaned)
Typically this coin would have been chemically cleaned,
erasing most of the porous surface along with the hoard patina.
In its present state one can appreciate
the sharp details of this gem. The reverse legend SURAKOSIWN is particularly sharp.

Ex. Numismatica Ars Classica, Auction D, Lot 1262 (1994)

Catalog #SDB131