425-405 B.C.
AR Tetradrachm
16.66 gm.

OBV: Athena crowned by Nike driving quadriga to left. Heron in exergue.
REV: Bearded Herakles left wearing lion headress. KAMARINIO[N] in left field.

Westermark & Jenkins 137.6 (*this coin*)
SNG Lockett 724 SNG Munich 400

Munzen und Medallien Auction 8, Lot 752 (December 1949)
Bank Leu Auction 25, Lot 48 (April 1980)
Private Collection "Y", Westermark & Jenkins (1980)
Triton I, Lot 228 (December 1997)

The exceptionally bold strike reverse of this coin is illustrated at 2X
on Plate 13 of Westermark & Jenkins The Coinage of Kamarina.

Catalog #SDB184