Syracuse 2nd Republic
425-410 B.C.
AR Tetradrachm
16.90 gm.

OBV: Quadriga right, driver crowned by nike flying left, wheel in exergue. Signed by Euainetos [EUAINETO] on exergue line (worn, not visible)
REV: Arethusa left surrounded by 4 dolphins (one visible) [S]URAKOSIWN Signed by Eukleidas [EU] below truncation of neck (tops of letters visible)

Tudeer 36 (V12/R19)

There appears to be a signature EUA? in the exergue of the Obverse die.
The obverse die (V16) of Tudeer 36 is cataloged as having a lying wheel in the exergue.
Perhaps the die, in a worn state (lacking the wheel and signature), was reworked at the mint.

Catalog #SDB238