Views of Ancient and Modern Rome
engraved by Domenico Pronti

published in Rome, 1795

These original 1795 engravings are little masterpieces of the art. Having a more literal interpretation than Piranesi, Pronti nonetheless evokes a romantic Rome with the same technical mastery and precision. The Rome of 1795 was rustic compared to many European cities of that era. With a native population of only 160,000, its unpaved roads and marginal public facilities lent it an almost rural atmosphere. The magnificent monuments must have seemed like alien spacecraft in a desert to the contemporary visitor. And visitors flocked to 18th century Rome, most exercising the great European tradition of the "Grand Tour." Domenico Pronti was there to meet them with a memento of their journey.

The engravings have a plate size of 4-7/8 x 6-3/4 in. on a sheet size of 7-3/8 x 10-3/8 in. There are two images on each sheet. They all have a strong impression and a pleasing amount of foxing in the border area only.

They are priced at $35.00 each, 2 for $50.00 or 3 for $60.00 postpaid.

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Views of Rome

Hadrian's Villa

Pio-Clementino Museum

Roman Basilicas