Copper Plate Folio Engravings of Classical Antiquities published in 1722

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The original engravings offered here are from the 1722 (2nd) French edition of a work by Bernard deMontfaucon entitled "L'Antiquite Expliquee et Representee en Fiqures" (Antiquity explained and represented in sculptures.) The engravings were rendered by artists of the House of Pierre Giffart in Paris and depict various artifacts and monuments of the ancient world. All the works have a sheet size of 10 x 15 in. and a plate (image) size of 7 x 13 in.

The paper is hand-laid and exhibits some browning on the edges that does not extend into the image area. Any other defects are noted in the detailed descriptions of the individual plates. The scans are MORE than honest. The scanning process has enhanced the browning and other minor defects that are not as apparent in the original.

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